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Grounds Maintenance Services

MLC Landscaping Company provides professional grounds maintenance services.

All improved or irrigated turf areas are mowed to a cutting height dictated by the season and the conditions of the turf. All turf areas will be "mowed" with rotary type mowers with sharp blades at all times. "Weed-whacking" type equipment is used only on trimming and edging operations and only in those areas where rotary mowers cannot be utilized efficiently.

All shrubbery is "pick-pruned" and/or sheared to maintain consistent size and shape, remove dead or dying branches and promote healthy growing conditions. All ground cover shall be sheared to maintain a crisp edged appearance, a consistent height and a dense cover.

The removal of all unwanted weeds/grasses in and around bed/paved areas is performed by any means necessary including a combination of physical and chemical techniques to maintain an acceptable level of control. Ant mounds are treated, leveled and raked.